Friday, June 19, 2009

im in a new school now....kinda cool.....i love it,why?...well i dunno...just love it

Friday, April 24, 2009

Have you ever had a time in your life when you have a huge change?I have...and its gonna happen all over again. It always follows the same pattern....first its a church change...after a while at about the same time,you change school.Then,after a while,when your still tryin to get used to your new life,you move.Its like that for most Pk's(pastor's kid) like me...i feel like a missionary's kid,a whole new enviroment,seldom getting to settle down in one place for more than three years.The fact that i don't really like changes dosen't help.Every time i complain the answer is same''we have commited our lives to the lord and just doing what he tells us to''.Man!fustrating!!!Its hard for us to see it that way,after all we live with them every day and constantly see their shortcommings.You guys out there whose parents are not pastors have it lucky.Im not saying that all pastors kids go through the same thing,just that its diferent for me,and i do not like that.A few missionary kids orPk's might fell the same way,its kinda hard for us to accept it usualy.I know i can't.i know im soppose to be the "Pastor's son"oh sogoody and must set a good example,but that's hard.I'm not sayin that everything about being a Pk is bad,its just that forme,the bad things overshadow the goodstuff.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

confessions of a nut who doesnt care about the enviroment

       This is the is the post of a self-professed car,facebook and msn title is words of wisdom from a i was thinkin......why on earth are we so concered about our enviorement?i dunno...i personally don't give a damn about the enviorement.I love cars which gives out huge amounts of CO2(personal favourites incude Maserati,Ferrari,Bently,Rolls-Royce,Aston Martins,Buggati Veyron of cource..the Haloed ''LAMBORGHINI'S. )i stay in the bathroom for hours with the hot water running(of course i get scolded when i get out or the light and hot water mysteriously turns of)and love to eat sushi(which supports the killing of specics near exticntion)but at the end of the day you stop you and start thinkin about certain issues such as the rising level of the ocean,the extinction of many specics,the stink of the air we breath in,we have no choice but to realise the wrongs of our actions.....but then again..i dont own a super car which gives an unimaginable amunt of carbon into the air which means im good right?.........peace out homies....